Through breathtaking images and creative design, your school website, brochures, and all other elements of your brand should represent your values and pride in what you do. This is where Lijon come in. For the past 2 years we’ve worked harder to discover the real story, delivering truly creative school websites and branding solutions that focus on your unique ambitions and needs.

Who we are

Since 2015, we have been growing and shaping our team. Made up of enthusiastic
and skilled individuals, our diversity and expertise are matched by our
desire to make a difference. As a small sized agency we believe in close
and regular contact with all of our clients. At Lijon we give honest advice
that will enable your school to thrive in today’s environment.

We believe our team say as much about us, as the work that we create.
It’s only when we put our clients first, that we can deliver high quality products
and services we are recognized for.

Meet Lijon


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